Plumbing Guide: Types of Kitchen Sinks

This article is a plumbing guide for choosing a sink for your kitchen. A kitchen sink can be more than just a thing use to wash dishes. It can be a statement piece in the kitchen. The choice of kitchen sink also tells about the homeowner's personality and style other than a homeowner choosing a sink mainly for its function.

Single bowl
This type of kitchen sink is ideal for kitchens that have limited space. It is typically deeper and has more room for washing pots and pans without the spills of water and soup on the kitchen floor and countertop.

Double bowl
For more workspace, this is a convenient type to settle for. The bowls can be of the same size or the other one slightly larger than the other. With a double sink, you can easily organize your pots, pans, and dishes for cleanup. Meanwhile, the other drain can be used for garbage disposal.This also works well with a large household.

Triple bowl
This is the most convenient and functional type of kitchen sink available. Cleanup can be more organized. One bowl can be used for soaking, the other for washing fine silverwares and china, and the other for rinsing.

If you are remodelling your kitchen to look more modern and contemporary, then a gourmet sink should be part of the design. It is very trendy and stylish and features an integrated prep surface.

This type of sink is installed below the countertop surface. It effectively uses the existing kitchen space. It creates a seamless appearance and leaves a smooth surface that is easy to clean.

This is the easiest to install on a countertop. It has a simple design but is almost leak-free guaranteed because the design is molded from one piece. It is easy to install, repair, and even replace. This is also the most inexpensive type of kitchen sink.

Though installing sinks can be done even by ordinary homeowners, it is still best to have trained professionals, like the plumbing Boston or plumbing Houston, do the task for you to ascertain that the sink will be installed appropriately.

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