Pocket Watches for Men

There used to be a time in the world when people did not have wristwatches to keep time. What people used to do during the old times was to use pocket watches to keep track of time. These watches were very popular during the 16th century. People loved to use these watches because they were a symbol of wealth and power. With the popularity of wristwatches after the First World War, people did not have any more use for the pocket watch. Thus, the pocket watch slowly faced extinction. Today, people use wristwatches, laptops, and cell phones to check out the time. Some people might want to use the latest technology available in timepieces but others have found the new technology to be lacking in style and finesse. This is the main reason why people have reverted back to pocket watches.

Despite the decline in popularity after the World War, there are still some companies out there which make pocket watches. Among the people who love to use these watches are men. It would be natural for men to use this watch as opposed to women because these pockets are heavy and bulky.  Men who buy these watches do not use them all the time. These watches are only reserved for special occasions especially those where coat and tie are required. Some may buy and keep these watches for collection purposes. Not only do these watches ignite the interest of adult men, but some kids also love to buy these watches because they can use them as a part of their costume plays or what not. Whatever the purpose may be, people could never resist their beauty.

There are only a few makers of these time pieces today. One of the best selling makers, Charles Hubert, has been making pocket watches for the past few decades. They come from a long line of pocket watch makers and they are dedicated to keep their family tradition alive. Their pocket watches come in different types. They have the open face watches, the locket type watch, and the enclosed pocket watches. All of their watches have chains attached to them with clips which are primarily made out of the same materials as the pocket watch itself. The pocket watch can be made out of brass and can be polished to a shiny silver or gold colour. The metal used on this watch is very heavy. This assures every user that it will not break easily when it falls on the ground. Sometimes, people want to put more value into these watches which is why there prefer to have one custom made. Instead of having these watches made out of brass metal, they can opt to have them made in real gold or sterling silver. The common prices of these pocket watches would range from the cheap $61USD up to the most expensive ones which would cost $400USD.

These pocket watches may be old fashioned to many people but to those who have bought these watches, they consider every ounce of this time piece as priceless and timeless. No matter what kind of technology may be introduced today, these watches will never again face extinction.

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