Practicing Your Poetry in Competitions

A lot of poetry competitions are organized these days, either for beginners or for professionals. Poem competitions range from love, inspirational, motivational, Christian, urban and short story style poems. There are also poem competitions that allows poets and writers to submit poems in whatever form or style they are well-versed in writing. Some poem competitions are free to join while some need you to give some amount for specific purposes.

Love can sometimes be the favorite subject of poets and writers. There’s love for a mother, love for a best friend and, of course, the romantic, short love poems that are well written in the area of love. Such poets and writers can join in love poetry competitions.

Poets or writers who love to write in an inspiring way can join inspirational poem contests. Usually, these poems are about self-confidence, overcoming a great challenge in life, mistake quotes and hope; something to encourage and inspire the readers.

Writers who love composing poems about realizing a dream, reaching a goal, gaining enthusiasm and self-esteem or achieving something in life can enter motivation poem competitions. Sometimes, just hearing about a competition can motivate poets to write such poems.

Christians, non-Christians and non-believers are also free to join Christian poem contests. Although these competition usually encourage poems about belief and faith in God, non-believers can also express their disbelief in joining these competitions.

Those who like using urban style words and are greatly influenced by urban style living or urban culture also have the opportunity to express themselves through urban poetry competitions.

Writers of short poems in story style can also find competitions to enter for their pieces. There are short story poem competitions where fiction or fantasy poem writers can present their short poems. These poems can actually be about anything as long as it is written just like you are telling a story.

So for all the poets out there, choose a poetry competition where you can practice your skill. Just be wise enough to discern whether the competition you are participating is for real or a scam. Best wishes.

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