Proper Ways to Use Hair Straighteners

If you are just beginning to use hair straightening tools, then this article is for you. I will provide you a guideline as to the proper usage of these types of thermal tools and you will learn how to properly maintain these devices too to make them last longer.

You are in luck if you have an Instyler rotating hot iron; this unit is easy to use and it is one of those tools that won’t bring harm to your tresses. All you have to do is place a small lock of hair between the upper and lower portion of the unit with the cylinder positioned at the bottom and glide this through your hair beginning at the roots and ending at the tips. However, before you do any type of straightening steps, you should section your hair in 4 to 5 parts first. This will make it easier to style as you can only do a small portion at a time and having your hair down will just slow down the process.

If you own a CHI hair straightener, this is easy to use and maneuver too as it is compact and light-weight. However, if you have those that have 2-inches or 3-inches wide hot plates, then this could be a little harder to control than the 1-inch types. On the other hand, the styling steps remain the same which means that you can just slide this through your hair and you will achieve a straightened look in no time.

Both units will function at its best if you regularly clean and maintain the hot plates and cylinder; so make sure that you wipe these areas clean right after you use the thermal device on your hair. Allow the gadget to cool off first and unplug it; but wiping the hairstyling residue is more effective if there is still some degree of heat left on the tool. So be careful when you do this and use a thick paper towel that is soft so as not to scratch the sensitive plates and cylindrical parts.

Those are some of the proper ways of using the Instyler rotating hot iron and CHI ironing device. If you follow those guidelines carefully, you will be enjoying the many benefits of conveniently styling your hair right in your own home.

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