Protect your PC from the “Google Redirect Virus”

A common virus has been recently taking over many web browsers. It is called the “Google Redirect Virus”. Before you frantically look for a redirect virus removal, you must know first what this virus is.

This virus “hijacks” your web browser such as Firefox or Internet Explorer. It is named as such because each time you click on a search engine result (via Google, Yahoo!, or Bing), instead of taking you to the true address, the virus “redirects” you to a different website that oftentimes contain malicious pages, unwanted ads and even “phishing” apps. This redirection occurs 2-3 times before you reach the intended website. Another symptom is annoying pop-up windows appear each time you try to browse the internet.

The Google Redirect Virus behaves quite differently, which makes it hard to track and get rid of. Unlike other viruses which use an application that continually runs on your computer, this redirect virus disguises as web browser files then vanishes. It is important to heal your system before the virus can completely damage it and disappear.

To remove the virus and protect your PC, you have to pinpoint and fix the infected files and the settings they changed. Unfortunately, most ordinary computer users don’t know how to locate these affected files. Many antivirus programs can’t locate them, as well. The best way to remedy this virus, according to pros, is to use an application called ComboFix. While not that popular, it is proven to be effective in removing this nasty Google Redirect Virus. ComboFix uses a script to counter the changes made on the affected scripts, which effectively removes the virus.

You can also use registry cleaner programs, such as CCleaner. This will locate alien registry files and then you can delete them. Google Redirect Virus create and leave hundreds of affected files, thus clogging up your system resources. If you’re not too sure of your computer repair skills, you can always seek help from IT pros. For more info regarding Google Redirect Virus, you can check out Vancouver computer repair for expert advice.

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