Puppy Food Review – 3 of The Best Puppy Food Deals

The truth is puppy food have minimum requirements that manufacturers must meet and this causes a difference in quality and price based on the brand's ingredients. Cheap puppy food is likely to contain cheaper ingredients, so skimping on your puppy probably won't be the best idea if you are concerned about your pet's health.

Puppy food is especially formulated for puppies and adult dog food is not the same, despite common misconceptions. It is best not to give young puppies adult dog food as it can be too complex and harsh for their sensitive digestive systems and may make them ill. Puppy food is simpler to chew and digest.

There are two types of puppy food - soft canned food and dry food which usually comes in a bag. If possible, both types should be used and they can be served separately or mixed together.

Should You Choose Wet or Dry Puppy Food?

Dry puppy food will help to strengthen jaw muscles and prevent plaque and tartar build up. It helps promote healthy teeth and bones and are a favorite among puppy owners. Just make sure the kibbles are small and bite sized so your puppy can easily eat and chew. A good idea is to semi moisten the dry food initially to make it more manageable if it's the first time feeding dry food. Once your puppy gets used to it, it should be able to eat dry food without any aid.

Wet puppy food may be preferred by your pet as they are usually tastier and meatier, but is it really the best solution? Many owners worry about giving their dogs wet dog food because it is usually more fattening and the more out of control a dog's weight gets, the more likely it could develop a fatal heart condition or  another other disease due to obesity. Also, while standards are pretty rigorous to make sure that canned food does not spoil, you never can be too certain that every can passes the criteria set forth by regulators. Your dog is more likely to get sick on an all wet-food diet, and you should reconsider if you’re currently feeding him on one.

Top 3 Puppy Food Deals

When choosing puppy food it is important to consider price, quality and nutrients. Here are our top 3 puppy food reviews based on quality and value for money:

1. Wellness Super5Mix - The Wellness Super5Mix aims retails at $29.99 for a 15lb bag and contains nutrient rich ingredients. It is made holistically (with the pet's overall health in mind) which is why it contains high quality protein (deboned chicken and salmon) and carbohydrates for energy from good sources such as oatmeal, brown rice and barley.

We were very impressed with the amount of nutrients in this puppy food for this price. The mix of carbs, meat and oily fish mean that it has good levels of DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid), protein, phophorus and calcium which mean that it will help promote healthy teeth, bones, growth  and brain development. The mix also comes in small kibbles which mean they are suitable for even the smallest dog breeds.

Overall, this is high quality puppy food which promotes bone and muscle development while improving digestion so that you puppy can be healthy and energetic. A lot  of effort has gone into this puppy food formula and the list of benefits mentioned is great evidence of that.

2. Castor and Pollux UltraMix - The Castor and Pollux UltraMix formula is a slightly more expensive puppy food retailing at $30.22. Along with the UltraMix, it also comes in the Organix Chicken , Brown Rice and Flax Flavor.

This puppy food is a great tasting dry food which contains free range chicken and a mix of fruit and veg. The ingredients are designed for optimum nutrition and are fortified with essential vitamins and minerals. One of the main things we noticed while researching the product is that there are many positive reviews about  the Castor and Pollux Puppy Food. One side effect of some  puppy food is that they can cause slight diarrhoea or runny stools but, fortunately, there has been no mention of this from owners who use Castor and Pollux.

Overall, choosing Castor and Pollux may be a little more expensive than other choices but if you have a very fussy eater then this great tasting puppy food may be the most suitable option for you.

3. Blue Buffalo Dry Dog Food - At $28, the Blue Buffalo Dry Dog Food offers one of the most affordable options for quality puppy food on the market. Blue Buffalo contains a mixture of chicken, vegetables (carrots, sweet potatoes and garlic) and whole grains (brown rice, barley and oats). This provides a good mixture of protein and carbohydrates along with essential amino acids for healthier skin.

Overall, this puppy food offers good value for money and has lots of positive feedback from people that have switched to this brand, particularly from owners of chihuahuas, huskies and labs.

Why Choose "Super Premium" Puppy Food?

High quality puppy doesn't have to come at an expensive price as we have shown above. The selection of puppy food above probably work out at less than $20 per 15.5lbs when buying higher quantities and taking advantage of multi bag offers.

The great thing about premium puppy food and the high quality ingredients is that they can make your puppy happier, look healthier and prevent skin problems and fleas, as reported by millions of dog owners across the world.

Please remember that puppies are like humans, they may not like the taste or formula of one brand and prefer another. It's always to best to use a little trial and error to find the most suitable puppy food. I would advise in testing using smaller bags and if your pup likes the food, save money by buying multi bags or larger quantities.

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