Putting Up Second Hand Laptops for Sale

The challenge of putting up second hand laptops for sale is quite different from the challenge of putting up brand new laptops for sale.

Contrary to what many of us imagine, selling second hand laptops is not necessarily more difficult than selling brand new laptops. Rather, the challenges of putting up used laptops for sale and the challenges of putting up brand new laptops for sale are just different - so that depending on how you choose to surmount them, you may end up selling your second hand laptops faster (and more profitably) than someone with brand new laptops.

To be sure, when putting up second hand laptops for sale, you need to be ready for more ‘questions’ than would be the case if you were putting up brand new laptops for sale. Potential buyers will, for instance, want to know why the laptops are being sold. The buyers will want to know what the source of the laptops is. The buyers will want to know what guarantees the laptops are being sold with….

The key to success in executing a successful second hand laptops sale is to be found in answering those questions truthfully, but also tactfully. If, for instance, the second hand laptops that are being sold have some glaring technical deficiencies, you may allude to those deficiencies matter of factly, and without sounding too apologetic – keeping it in mind that not everyone is really looking for an ultra-fast machine. There are folks who only need a ‘practical’ machine they can use for basic computing tasks. And then again, there is the possibility of you offering remedies for the said deficiencies: like where, for instance, the laptops don’t have much in terms of storage space, and where you sell them alongside ‘free’ portable external hard drive disks. This would make up for the deficiency, whilst making the sale more alluring to the buyer who is only keen on getting a machine for basic computing tasks but who wouldn’t mind some extra storage either.

Ultimately, tact in answering buyer questions will help you a great deal when selling cheap laptops. So will making a good choice of a selling platform, and possibly, the refurbishment of the machines before putting them up for sale.

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