Rally Driving Experience Days – An Adrenaline Rush

If you want to buy a fun and exciting gift for someone or are a car enthusiast and want to partake in a rally driving experience yourself, then rally driving experience days provide adventures that will soon not be forgotten. You can find rally driving circuits at a number of facilities in the UK. Most of the schools offer gift vouchers that can be redeemed for a specific rally driving experience or event.

A Whole Different Experience than Formula One Driving

If you are purchasing a voucher then, make sure that the experience is well-suited for the recipient. Rally driving can consist of varying terrains, including gravel courses, dirt tracks, and twisting and turning forested routes. This type of driving experience is different than Formula One driving, which, in many cases, allows the driver to participate in events where he can drive and compare two high-line automobiles, such as an Aston Martin and Ferrari or Lamborghini.

Rally Driving offers More Variety

While the Formula One track is typically asphalted and involves driving a certain number of laps, rally driving permits drivers to test out their car, as mentioned, over various grades of surfaces. Obviously, this type of feature makes rally driving just that much more fun and exciting.

Turbocharged Driving

Usually cars used in rally driving or in a rally driving experience do not exert the same amount of power as a stock car. However, the cars have turbocharged engines which give them a lot of torque. The extra torque allows the vehicles to manage icy pavements and gives them the capability to power slide.

Driving in a Rally Event

On your own, you will generally take your selected vehicle and race over the entire course. If you are participating in rally driving experience days and are driving in a race, naturally the experience will be a bit more challenging. For example, you will probably need to pass a number of checkpoints in order to finish the event. Before you take part in such a race though, make sure you can handle your vehicle. Rally cars can increase in speed at an exceptionally fast rate, so make sure you are prepared to drive the supercharged auto.

The Rally Experience at Extreme Rally

Extreme Rally provides a several offerings for the rally driver. Rally courses are available in wooded areas with many featuring dirt, snow, or gravel. Upon arrival, participants will go through a briefing and are usually divided into groups of four people – each group directed throughout the experience by the same teacher. When you get behind the wheel, the teacher or instructor will ride as a passenger. Cars feature dual brakes and you and your instructor will each wear helmets with radio transmission.

The Time Spent in the Car

You don’t have to have any past rally driving experience to take part in a rally event. In fact, most people who choose this adventure do not have any background in this area. However, for those individuals who have previously driven in rally events, they too can select from a variety of experiences and options. If you choose a half-day rally experience, then you will generally spend about 45 minutes in a rally car. Or, if you choose a one-day experience, you will typically spend an hour and a half in such a car. Of course, the above information serves only as a reference. Packages can vary, depending on the experience you choose and the facility.

Passengers and Spectators can Ride in a Rally Car Too

If you don’t want to drive, you can purchase a ride in one of the cars on a rally circuit. Whatever your preference, you will undoubtedly enjoy the experience.

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