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One of the most important things most people across the globe bring everyday is the wallet. A student going to school or a worker to an office does not really forget to place their wallets in the pocket or bag. It is where we keep our money, credit cards, ATM cards and others. Therefore, it is important for a wallet to have security features. From bills to coins, it serves as our handy bank. If you do not have a wallet, it is time for you to procure one. There are several brands to choose from available on the market. One of which is the world’s famous name, Ralph Lauren. The company does not merely manufacture or produce fine clothing items but important accessories like wallets as well.

In buying a Ralph Lauren wallet, there are numerous things to take into consideration. Your choice will be affected by the style, quality and price of it. The company offers a vast variety of styles using different materials. Styles may vary in its color, shape, size and other features. A huge selection of designs include Pink Pony, Alligator Clutch, Ricky Clutch, Contrast Clutch, Ring Buckle Continental, Striped Stirrup Zip, Newbury Leather Small Wristlet and a lot more. All these styles are made to meet different needs and tastes of both men and women. The variation of colors serves its purpose of providing buyers a lot of color options to choose from. They can come in colors like red, black, brown, pink, orange and others. Plain and printed designs are available.

The shape of RL wallet varies from item to item. They may come in rectangular, square and other shapes. A wide variety of sizes are also offered by the company since some buyers do not want bulky wallets while others prefer those sizeable ones. Some would love to keep their wallets safely in their bags while others choose to put them inside their jeans pockets. RL wallets also differ from each other in their respective locking features. They feature buckles, clutches and the like which need your careful choice as to which one is convenient for you or trendy and fashionable. Most of these wallets are made of leather, a material that is proven to last long.

Another important consideration in your purchase of RL wallets is the price. Most people would choose those sold at low prices. You can find many online retailers or shops that offer great RL wallets at affordable prices and they display on their web pages the huge selection of these items. There is nothing to worry about. Despite the affordability, these products are guaranteed high quality. With the constant demands for these fine accessories, their availability can hardly cease. There is a strong rivalry amongst many companies in producing high quality wallets. Ralph Lauren can never be excluded in the long list. The company continues to create or innovate designs for latest trends which many people across the globe will surely love and buy.

Ralph Lauren Wallet Reviews

There are many different types of wallets available and it can be difficult to choose the right one so I've decided to review the top 5 Ralph Lauren Wallets for men and women. All of these wallets are available at Amazon.com and can be purchased now (although they are currently low on stock, so hurry!).

Top 3 Ralph Lauren Wallets for Women

1. Ralph Lauren Martingale Slim Wallet - Retails at $84

The Martingale Slim Wallet is available in two colors - red/tan and burnt umbe. They are competitively priced and feature an exterior zipper pocket, 12 card slots and 4 slip compartments.

The interior of the wallet is made completely from leather and it also has a button fastener. Both of colors are very attractive by my personal favorite is the red/tan combination. The great thing about this wallet is that it is so well made and designed that at $84 it seems like amazing value as anyone would think it would be priced much higher.

2. Purple Label Womens Equestrian Horse Stirrup Leather Wallet - Retails at $349

If you are looking for a truly premium wallet then the Ralph Lauren Purple Label Equestrian Wallet could be the right one for you. This wallet is wonderfully designed with high quality leather and cognac canvas.

The whole equestrian feel of the wallet (the design on the canvas, the horse shoe fastener and color of leather) is a clever and refreshing way to make owners of this unique wallet stand out from the crowd.

3. Ralph Lauren Acadian Croc-embossed Compact Wallet - Retails at $89

The Ralph Lauren Acadian Croc-Embossed Compact Wallet feature one central zip pocket, four card slots and two side pockets. It has a signature lock closure and is available in one color, Black.

This Croc embossed leather wallet is a small wallet that looks very classy and has a very evening special occasion feel to it. Although small, it has enough space inside to hold all of your important belongings with no problems (cards, coins, notes). Overall, this is a elegant looking wallet that will be an excellent accessory to accompany any dress or evening wear.

2 Ralph Lauren Wallets for Men

1. Ralph Lauren Wallet Black Passcase - Retails at $75.00

This wallet is has with 4 credit card slots, removable id holder and one bill holder. This leather passcase wallet is soft, light and durable. Unlike smooth leather wallets, this textured leather is flexible and will not become marked and lose it's look over continual use.

Overall, this is a great choice if you are looking for something functional and looks great without spending too much. At around $75 this looks great value.

2.  Ralph Lauren Bifold Window Wallet - Retails at $59.90

The Ralph Lauren Bifold window wallet is a classic wallet that come in two colors - Cognac and Black. This wallet features soft textured leather and inscribed Polo logo.

This wallet is very spacious with 7 credit card slots, one id window pocket and one note holder. It is well designed with many small detailing features to give it a more distinguished look.

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