Resume Writing Tips for Ghostwriting Jobs

If you are attempting to land ghostwriting jobs your resume is going to play a huge part in whether you get the job or not. Here are some tips to keep in mind when writing your resume and applying for these jobs.

Make sure that the resume reflects the job you are applying for. For example if you applying for a job as a ghostwriting for a blog, you want to include any experience you have with blogging and writing online. You may even have to rewrite your resume for each job you apply for it they are drastically different jobs.

Be sure to include any relevant information about your work experience, training, and education that you have had up until about 15 years ago. This includes things you have been paid for as well as volunteer projects as well. Be sure that you include all the required information such as the name of the business, the relevant dates as well as contact information for the client or company.

Lastly, be sure that you put in the required information that the job is asking for. For example, some jobs may ask you to include a writing sample with the resume while others may only ask you to link to a writing sample and not include the actual writing with your resume. Be sure to always read the job description and instructions for applying before you start writing your resume out. Don't be afraid to tweak your resume according to the different jobs you apply for.

Freelance writing, especially ghostwriting is becoming a more competitive business and you really need to make sure your resume is up to snuff or you may find yourself getting quite a few rejections. It may come down to your resume and another writer's resume and you can easily win a job by having a better resume for the job.

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