River Hiking in Panama

We finally arrived to the waterfall and took a break…

Gigantic rocks were all around us, some of them recently deposited there by a furious river that today was calmed; others had all types of plants, even small trees growing all over them, telling us that they (the rocks) had been there for some time.

Morpho butterflies (electric blue color) kept passing by and we could see the humming birds feeding from nearby flowers.  Obviously there were more birds around us, but it was impossible to hear them calling, because most of the forest noises were hidden behind the sound of the falling water.

This place was like a small valley with huge stone walls on the sides, a gorgeous pool under the waterfall in front of us, and the jungle trail we arrived from, right behind our backs.  The guide said: “OK let’s keep going” and I wondered “go where?”  There was no other way than the path we took to get there.  But soon I found out that I was wrong.
We crossed the lagoon under the waterfall and got to a crack in one of the stone walls.  That was our way out, we had to climb through the crack!

Socks have much better grip on wet rocks than hiking shoes, so, the shoeless group started climbing using the rope our guide had installed.  When we reached the top of the stone wall, I took a look back to see a different perspective of the waterfall:  I now was over the top of it.

All this was part of our Panama tour in the interior of the country.  Most people visiting this small Central American republic, just stay in Panama City, but by doing that, they are not enjoying a real overseas adventure travel, like the one we had that day.

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