Rock Climbing Shoes Reviews – Top 3 Rock Climbing Shoes

Roughing it out on the great outdoors is one way of living life to the fullest. People who love to go mountain climbing know the different risks involve with such an extreme sport. Every climber must have the necessary requirements before even starting to climb and that includes some ropes, powders, specialized nails, safety clips and many more. The most important thing that every climber should have is a good pair of shoe. There are so many rock climbing shoes to choose from. From the many types of shoes available, there are only 3 rock climbing shoes that are worth mentioning and they are the following:

Top 1. La Sportiva Mythos Vibram XS

This shoe features a good looking and sturdy leather exterior which is outlined by 100% nylon. It has laces in it that will secure the position of the feet in situations where a climber meets irregular rocks.

This shoe also has the Vibram XS Grip Edge technology that will keep the climbers foot safe and secure on whatever type of rock there may be. This shoe also has great ventilation and comfortable insole so that the foot will not sweat too much or develop annoying blisters. They come in two types of colours namely purple and terra. The shoe ranges from $110USD to $130USD.

Top 2. Five Ten Cayote VCS 2

This climbing shoe features a split-grain leather material which is solidly built without any lining reinforcement. This shoe has two Velcro straps on it so that fitting the shoe will not be too difficult. Although this may be a good feature that many climbers love, some of them do not like Velcro because they do not secure the feet well especially if the shoe is wet from sweat or water. With such Velcro foot reinforcement, this shoe will give the climber the utmost comfort that their feet can enjoy because the insoles of this shoe are very soft and comfortable and they flex easily as well. This shoe is recommended by many experts for use of beginners and they cost around $65USD to $85USD.

Top 3. Mad Rock Mugen Tech Performance Velcro Shoe

This is also another shoe which is built with a sturdy leather material reinforced with an eco-friendly hemp lining. This shoe does not have the conventional shoe design as it features an easy fit slip-on style with two Velcro strap to secure the feet. Like many other Velcro shoe, this also does not make the shoe more stable as the straps may not perform well especially in wet conditions. The sole of this shoe is made out of Science Friction Rubber that will eliminate the chances of slipping over wet or jagged rocks. Its medium asymmetrical curvature will make the shoe fit with different types of feet insole whether narrow or deep. Any climber will definitely notice the comfort in this shoe as it hugs the feet tightly enough with its comfortable insole foam and light cushion lining. This shoe is sold at an average price of $70USD to $90USD.

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