Roof Ladder Safety Precautions

Though using a roof ladder does reduce the chances of accidents happening considering the many security features it has, you still have to do your part. There are some basic safety precautions that you should follow whenever you climb any ladder. These tips will help you avoid unnecessary accidents that are a result of carelessness on the users’ part.

One of the fist things you would need to do is to secure the ladder well. Don’t place it anywhere and start climbing. Try and inspect the ground and make sure it isn’t wet or irregular before you decide to ground the ladder. It the ground isn’t too stable, find another place to secure it.

Another critical part comes when you have to climb the ladder. Do this always facing the ladder and with two of your hands on the sides. Don’t carry too much weight on you and never carry tools in your hands.  When descending, look at where you are placing your feet and again keep facing the ladder.

Always be steady when on a ladder. Don’t move around and keep still. When working with your hands, only do things that are in your arms reach so you don’t overstretch. This can cause you to lose your balance and fall off.

Whenever you are working on a ladder, you should also be sure that nobody will be underneath as you work. Though you may ask for help to steady the ladder, make sure kids in particular are far away.  They could easily bump into your ladder and send you off balance.

Having a roof ladder is really a helpful tool to have around the home but it also makes you prone to falls. These being so, be very conscious as to your safety and make sure you are in the right frame of mind as you work.

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