Rottweiler Training Tips

A dog is a reflection of the owner’s personality as well as the patience and the time spent in rearing it. It should be remembered that a dog is a pack animal and it conforms its personality to that of the pack. In the case of pets, its personality is shaped by the family where it belongs. Personality, however, is not created instantaneously. It is both a product of genetics and environment. Choosing the right puppy, therefore, is only the beginning of the process. Proper training is also essential to make your puppy a good canine citizen.

Rottweilers have basically strong personalities which could sometimes be domineering. It is important that at the onset you show them that you are the dominant personality. Start their training immediately when they reach home. Here are tips on how to train your Rottweiler puppies:

  1. Name your puppy. Giving your puppy a name is important since it will distinguish him from other dogs. Choose a name that is two syllables long so that the puppy will easily distinguish its rhythm. Always use the name when speaking to your puppy in an upbeat, happy tone so that he will learn to associate his name in a positive way. By repeating his name constantly, he will learn to identify himself with his name.
  2. Tone of voice is important. Use a sweet voice when praising your dog but use a gruff tone when chastising. Praise them whenever they do something positive or when they stop doing what you don’t want them to do. Rottweilers want to please their owners and praising them would reinforce their training.
  3. Expose your puppies to the public. Socializing is important for new dogs in order to develop their confidence. A new environment is sometimes traumatic for puppies, therefore, it is essential to let them experience new scents, scenes, and people. Take them for short walks in the neighborhood, let them see running cars on the streets, or simply take them for visits to the neighbors so they are acclimatized to their new surrounding.
  4. Set the rules. Let the puppies know what you want them to do. Praise or reward them every time they get it right or they understand it. Discipline is of primary significance to a healthy, happy dog.
  5. Don’t assign dog training to other people. You can attend classes with your puppies but do not delegate the training to others. Since the puppies will be living with you for its whole life, familiarity with the right person as its alpha will make his adjustment and training ample.
  6. Give the puppies time to adjust. Like a person, puppies need some time to adjust and get comfortable with their new surrounding. Continue the training even in this adjustment period.
  7. Consult the professionals. To obtain additional information on the proper training of your puppies, consult with the people who have the right knowledge. Ask from veterinarians, kennel club members, breeders, and other persons who are well-versed in raising Rottweilers.

Raising a pet is not only fulfilling but also provides companionship and relief from stress. While Rottweilers have established a reputation as a fearsome dog, it will always boil down to the proper training  received. If they were trained to be fearsome, then you can expect them to be just that. However, if you trained them to be nurturing and social, then expect them to be outstanding dogs.

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