Shark Vac Then Steam Review

If you are like me, cleaning your hard-surface floors is not the most exciting job around the home. In fact, just think of all the tools you have to gather up to get the job done. You need a bucket, a mop, a dustpan, a broom, some kind of cleaning chemical, and a lot of energy! What if there was a simple alternative? Have you looked into the Shark Vac Then Steam? Let's take a look at why this is a great little machine.

It Is Your Vacuum!

The first thing to be excited about is that your Shark Vac Then Steam is going to be your hard floor vacuum. Whether it is hardwood, tile, or Pergo, the Shark is ready to scoop up the dirt, soil, and hair that has accumulated throughout the day. In fact, many Shark Vac Then Steam reviews reveal that owners are delighted with how impressive the suction is.

Now the Shark does have a couple limitations you might want to consider. For one thing, it has a difficult time reaching under cabinets that don't have enough clearance. Corners and edges can be a challenge too. Another thing to remember is that it does not have on-board attachments such as a crevice tool. Likely, though, you are looking for something like the shark to reduce the work load in your high traffic areas. And that is where your Shark will really shine!

It Is Also Your Steam Mop!

What can the Shark Vac Then Steam do for the nasty germs that are on your floors? You will find this very interesting! In lab tests, it has been found that when the high heat of devices like the Shark Vac Then Steam come in contact with germs, it kills up to 99% of them. And that is ONLY with water! Shark does not recommend that you use any kind of chemical at all in the Vac Then Steam. And you may be thinking of another benefit of using only water: there will never, ever be any chemical residue left on your floors!

Does this mean that the Shark will solve all woes? Well, not quite. Some customer reviews show that the Shark might have a challenge removing really sticky substances. This will especially be the case with food that has hardened over time. However, you quite likely will be happy with how the Shark works on everyday cleanup and sanitation.

How to Find Your Shark Vac Then Steam

Start shopping for your Shark at Amazon. You can find refurbished models that start around $50. Brand new Sharks go up to about $200. You might also consider the Shark Navigator. It may not have the steam mop feature, but it has the attachments that will enable you to get the hard to reach areas. And the Shark Navigator Vacuum best price will definitely be found at Amazon.

So start looking at the Shark lineup. It is quite likely that you will soon be the happy owner of one of Shark's many quality products!

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