Shoulder Support Braces

Doctors are often visited for consultation and treatment of shoulder injuries. It remains one of the most common musculoskeletal injuries that affect many people, especially those who are active in sports, those who have had accidents, and those who belong in elderly population. Like hip joint, the shoulder is labeled as a ball and socket joint that allows movement of the arms in a circular motion. It is also used for raising and swaying the arms. However, compared to hip joint, the shoulder has less stability that makes it more prone to injuries. Its mobility is controlled by a complex arrangement of underlying structures such as ligaments, tendons, muscles, and nerves.These structures work together to create and maintain balance and any conditions that disrupt this balance cause an extreme agony in the shoulders.

The most flexible and movable joint in the human body is the shoulder joint. Shoulders allow movement of the arms so that we can use them effectively. This is the reason why shoulder pain and injuries can be very devastating because a malfunctioning shoulder definitely affects daily routine.

Many conditions cause injury to shoulders. Whiplash or other forceful and violent force applied to the structure is one cause. Too much external rotation, such as when swimming or playing baseball, can tear up its structures. Degenerative arthritis that affects the neck and spine can compress the nerves leading to both shoulder and neck pain. Shoulder pain is also manifested in diseases and disorders involving the heart, lungs, and other abdominal organs such as spleen and liver.

Indeed, shoulder pain can be frustrating. It is a good thing that shoulder supports are available these days. A shoulder support, such as shoulder braces, helps alleviate pain. The type of brace that will be used mainly depends on the nature of injury. There are types that support the collarbone and shoulder region to keep these structures in place. These devices allow mobility while maintaining the bones and muscles in the proper position to aid in the  recovery process. On the other hand, there are some braces termed as ‘shoulder immobilizers’ that do not allow even the slightest shoulder movement.This type is usually indicated for those who have undergone major surgery or those who have had a very serious and bad shoulder injury. There are other factors to consider when choosing a brace. It is also important to buy the one that provides therapeutic heat to relieve pain. Furthermore, consider buying a universal brace. Not only does this type give overall support to the clavicle area but it is also highly adjustable so that it can be worn to a comfortable fit.

Shoulder braces are categorized according to levels: Levels one, two, three, and four. When selecting one, make sure that you select the correct level. A level 1 brace provides a basic protection. Meanwhile, a level 4 brace gives the maximum support and protection. These supportive devices are made form various materials such as elastic and neoprene. Braces that are of higher level are usually made from carbon fibers and metals.

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