Simple Workouts For Bigger Muscles

If you want improve your physique through muscle building, then be prepared for months or years of intensive training and dedication. The success of famous body builders like Arnold did not come overnight and it took them a lot of grueling hours in the gym to be able to achieve that. As someone who is just starting, here are some simple yet effective weight lifting workouts to get you going.

The first of these is the Bench Press. This exercise is great for the upper body since it targets a lot of muscles with just one single lift. The tendency though for most people is to use mostly their arms for this instead of the chest. This defeats the purpose of the exercise. To fix this, try to clip your elbows closer to each other so that you back is arching a bit. This will isolate your chest muscles more and in turn you will be able to lift heavier weights.

Another great exercise is Squats. It is the same as bench press in a sense since it targets a lot of muscle groups at once, but this time for the legs and abdominal muscles. Be a bit careful though when doing squats since they are the cause of back pains for most people. Makes sure that the effort is place mostly on the quads and not on your back by leading out with your buttocks as you descend. This should be an easy instruction to follow.

Finally you have the Dead Lift. There are actually many kinds but we will deal with the Romanian Dead Lift here. This is a version wherein you keep your legs straight and just move your body up and down, exercising your hamstrings and arms more. This could also improve your grip in the long run. When performing this, keep your weight closer to your legs at all times so as not to put pressure on your back.

There you have it, perform this together with some lean muscle building diet and you should be able to get your results faster than most people. But do not rush things and always focus on proper form.

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