Sleep Better At Night With A Memory Foam Topper

Those who live a healthy lifestyle have no trouble getting a restful night's sleep. Conversely, if you do not sleep well at night, you definitely do not have a healthy lifestyle, regardless of what your doctor may say. The truth is that living healthily is not restricted to the scope of our physical body. It includes our mental health and our environmental health as well.

In principle, fixing all these problems should make us healthy and cure our insomnia. In practice, we need to eat and feed our families besides that. There are only so many jobs we can do, so we have no choice but to take whatever nonsense our employers dish out at us. Along with the way the modern office squeezes us in together with our colleagues like sardines and gives us no privacy whatsoever, is it any wonder that our lives are filled with unhealthy amounts of stress?

What about our sleeping environment? Those who live in an upper-middle class or wealthy suburb may have a quiet and peaceful night. But many of of us are not nearly so wealthy. We may not live in squalor, but a cramped rental apartment in the middle of town is not exactly conducive to a good night's sleep.

One of the few things within our control are the beds we sleep in. A comfortable bed and mattress will help us relax quickly into a deep sleep. For many people, this means choosing a soft, fluffy mattress. But this only helps us to fall asleep quickly. If you are young, this is certainly good enough. But for those of us who are starting to grow old and lead sedentary lifestyles, a soft mattress causes us to wake up in the middle of the night with backaches and various other muscular pains. That is because a soft mattress does not provide us with enough back support. For our spines to receive sufficient support to prevent back strain, we need a firm mattress. But then we run into the opposite problem. A firm mattress is not comfortable enough to let most of us fall asleep quickly.

So what now? Those lucky enough to live in a single story house with a high floor loading can try a water bed. This is one of the earliest types of beds which are both comfortable and provide back support. Unfortunately, a good water bed that does not leak is expensive. Furthermore, keeping it heated and warm enough to prevent freezing in winter is not cheap either.

Is this the end of our quest for a good, restful sleep at night? Fortunately, modern technology has come to the rescue. Manufacturers of spring coil mattresses have developed premium mattresses that effectively compete with the water bed in providing us with excellent quality sleep. The problem is that these mattresses are also not cheap. Where the water bed is a Rolls Royce, the premium spring coil mattress is a Mercedes.

Is there nothing that is both good and cheap? You're joking, right? Well, actually, there is. Sort of. The modern memory foam topper is both good and cheap. A thin memory foam topper pad of around 1-1/2 inches thick can now be bought for under $50 from most good online discount retailers. If you have a firm mattress, you can lay your new topper on top and place your bedsheet over the topper. You will find that your bed not only gives you great back support, it also feels very comfortable.

But what if you have a soft mattress? Then it will be necessary to buy a thicker memory foam mattress pad. Unlike the case with the firm mattress, you will need to replace your soft mattress with the new topper. Most people need memory foam toppers that are at least 3 inches thick if the toppers are to serve as an effective replacement for their mattresses. This will, of course, cost much more.

There are many things we need to achieve if we want to sleep well. Unfortunately, most of these factors are no longer under our own control. One of the few things we can still do is to make our beds more comfortable. A relatively cheap way to do this is to add a memory foam topper to our mattress.

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