Why You Should Choose Small Vending Machines For Your Concession Business

Small Vending Equipment can Reap Substantial Profits

Small vending machines, such as candy and gumball machines, are vending machines, if placed properly, which can make you a lot of money. You can buy a gumball machine with the gumballs online for under $200.00. Choose a coin mechanism for a quarter or one for 50 cents. Naturally, you will want to add a mechanism that takes two quarters, or 50 cents, as you will increase the amount you make substantially.

Locate a Vending Machine Supplier Online

As time goes on, you can watch your profits soar as you are only supplying the machine with product. Besides the ever-popular gumball machines, you can also choose small vending machines that dispense such items as stickers, tattoos, mints, and M&Ms. You can find a number of companies that sell smaller vending machine equipment on the Internet too. One of these companies is CandyMachines.com, which sells a variety of small vending machine products and refill vending candies, stickers, tattoos, and toys.

Machines are Sold in a Number of Designs

Vending machines are sold for use in businesses as well as the home. What’s more, candy vending machines can be purchased in double-head, triple-head, and four-head styles as well as even larger units. So, you can pick just the right machine for your placement location – all which will determine the amount of money you can make. What is nice about small vending machines too is that they can be set up without a lot of hassle – no need to plug the machines into an electrical socket.

Securing Placement

Of course, the right location will make all the difference as to what you will eventually make. If you find a good business location, make an appointment to talk to the owner and introduce yourself and your vending company. Tell him about the benefits of using your service – that you will not only place your machine but will service the equipment as well. Again, a small machine can be ideally placed as it takes up relatively little space and does not require electricity in order to operate. You can also offer to provide the owner or business with a portion of your sales (usually 20% is a reasonable offering). After all, that amount is a small price to pay for using the space within a retailer or company.

Affiliate your Vending Business with a Charity

Or, you might think about placing the sticker of a charitable organization on your vending machine. In many cases, you can place your machine free of charge with a store or business if you are affiliated with a charity. Simply contact the charity and they can provide you with stickers at a minimal monthly charge (around $1.00).

Placement is Key

Small vending machines will give you the opportunity to see your concession business thrive as they don’t cost a lot of money and location and placement is not too difficult. So, when it comes to profits, you can realize them as long as you focus on placing your small vending machines in high-traffic areas.

No Need for a Locating Service

While some people use locating services to place larger vending machines, you don’t need to put out this kind of expense to establish smaller machines as, again, they are simpler to place. Given that you are providing an incentive to the owner for placing your machine or promoting a charitable cause, you will be able to place the machine without too much difficulty.

Service you Machines Monthly

In many cases, machines do not need servicing for several months before supplies dwindle. However, it is still a good idea to check on each of your small vending machines on a monthly basis.

Buy Small Vending Machines on eBay

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