Makeup Tips: How to Get Smoky Eyes

smoky-eyes-makeupThe primary part one has to focus upon while applying the makeup, is to get ready with their eyes first as they are the first thing that everyone will notice. The smoky eyes give more attractive appearance to the eyes.

The secret of making the eyes to appear as smoky is that they change your face totally by adding up a new style. Whatever may be the type of eyes, they have to be made in to perfect smoky eyes and this adds more fabulous look on your face.

Steps to Get Smoky Eyes

Some of the steps have to be followed to make your eyes look smoky and these include application of the eyeliner to the eyes in a perfect manner and then the application of eye-shadow to the upper eyelid. By using the base brush, blend well and then both the lash-lines have to be smudged using an eyeliner brush or by cotton swab. The bottom lashes must be blended to get a fine color on the bottom and you may even apply a little amount of shadow to get the smudge effect. Enhance your eyebrows to make the smoky eyes in a balance level. Do not forget to keep your lips nude and while you plan to makeup with smoky eyes, focus on the either the eyes or lips.

The other product that enhances your eyelashes is the Mascara. It is intended to enhance the look of the eyes by darkening, lengthening and usually thickening the eyelashes. This product is available in different forms like the cake form, cream and liquid. The most common mascara used by most of the women is the liquid mascara. The liquid mascara is again divided into two types - the non water-resistant and the water resistant liquid.

Smoky Eyes Video Tutorial

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