Sponsoring All-Time Feline High: Top Toys for Kittens

As any cat enthusiast knows, it takes little to keep the little kitty happy. Cats - for all their poise, seeming pride, and independence - have a high level of innate curiosity, and it is this uncontrollable sense of theirs to be "in the know" paves the way for convenience in getting items for them to keep themselves alert, occupied, and of course happy, for hours on end.

  1. Pin light / Laser light - no ball of feline fur could resist the speck of light zooming too and fro in front of him. This is a failsafe and convenient choice, as pin or laser lights are very easy to acquire (they can either be attached to key chains or sold separately). Either way, this provides a good time for the kitten and the owner as well (who wouldn't, while watching kitty helplessly pound the speck of light ).
  2. Fling-ama-String Battery Operated Toy - as proved by the laser, anything that bounds and leaps will keep the kitty cutely distracted. This battery operated toy - when hung on door-knobs - has two settings for the faint or the frisky.
  3. Cat Spa - for those craving for a little quiet time, the Cat Spa can provide never before felt comfort every time the kittens lounge. It has features like "body groomer" and "ripple massager", the Cat Spa gives the cat that "feel good" sensation as the cat is simultaneously relieved and relaxed.
  4. Da Bird - despite its ridiculously catchy moniker, this is the highest rating toy featured by cat owners (enthusiastically endorsed by their pets as well). The feather action twirls realistically (simulating real birds in action), and the motion will drive the little feline insanely happy as he seeks it out.
  5. Catnip toys - being a classic favorite, kittens love just about any beanie toys... stuffed with catnip. It would be a bonus if the toy is mouse-shaped. Just remember though to remove any part of it that could potentially harm the kitten (glued-on parts like the nose or the eyes).
  6. Tick-Tock Teaser - another ingenuous production for ingenuous felines, this offers two levels of fun: a) how to stop the swinging pendulum above, and b) how to catch the Velcro-ed catnip-filled mouse below. All of it is encased by a sturdy box, that will survive hours of paws- and fur-bashing fun.
  7. Wands with ribbons or tail-feathers - not enough bread to buy Da Bird? Fret not! Kitty would be  okay with resourcefulness in action. An old feather duster or a piece of rag can just be tied to a rod, and it will do. Be Harry Potter and twirl the "wand", and you're sure to see the kitty fly.
  8. Peek-a-Prize Toy Box - this is a toy that encourages your felines to hunt to their hearts' content. A durable wooden box with holes allows the toys to peek just a bit... it's up to kitty to free the toy by himself!
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