Static Caravans – Great for Short Breaks

The UK is littered with hundreds of static caravan sites, from the warm south coast to the mountainous regions of Scotland you are sure to find a static caravan that is perfect for what you want from a holiday. Static caravans make and ideal type of accommodation for short breaks for these three very simple reasons:

You are guaranteed to have a static caravan site that is far enough away to be considered a holiday but close enough for you not to have to spend a couple of hours on the road. It's more than likely that you will have a number of caravan holidays that fall in within easy reach, so you will have a choice of where you can stay.

If you've got pets then many static caravans will allow you to take pets with you. At a drop-of-the-hat you can go on holiday and take your furry friend with you - you don't need to book up kennels, you don't need to pay extortionate kennel fees and you don't have to put you or your pets through the mental anguish of being separated. Everyone can enjoy being on holiday.

The cost of static caravans is extremely low, they are in fact the second cheapest type of holiday in the UK, being beaten only by camping. For a reasonable price you can stay away for a weekend in a warm and comfortable caravan without having to worry about what the rain is doing outside. Static caravans also have the advantage of needing no preparation - you can simply drive up to the door of your caravan, open it up and walk in - your on holiday.

These are three very good reasons why static caravan holidays are great for a short break away the Static Caravan Holidays Directory is a great place to start looking for a holiday.

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