Style Your Backyard with Patio String Lights

Over the past years, patio string lights have become more and more popular, but it seems that many people don’t know exactly what these lights are. You have seen them on holidays, decorating houses and multitudes of holiday displays. These outdoor string lights are now even being used on a regular day to day basis, due to the unique varieties in lights on the market currently and many stylish designs are becoming available for everyday use. These lights are relatively low cost compared to many other varieties of lights and can be a great addition to any household.

The pricing on patio string is quite manageable when compared to the price of other options available for patio and backyard use. These lights, which typically come in strands of ten or fifteen bulbs typically cost around ten to forty dollars depending on the quality of the bulbs that are purchased, however holiday themed string lights will often cost much less than this, and more unique and artistic every day use patio string lights will cost a bit more than the standard cost. The variety in these lights is quite large and there really is a light that will fit into the design scheme and theme of each house.

Decorating with these lights is one of the more interesting and fun experiences in outdoor lighting, with the huge variety of lights available and many decorating options, places and positions that patio string lights can be placed your back yard and patio truly become your canvas. These outdoor string lights can be placed in a variety of areas for new and innovative styles; the traditional approach for patio string lights is to hang them around the exterior of your house or place them along the exterior of your patio, however, I have seen some very unique designs and styles when these are placed hanging from a tree and other unique designs.

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