Suunto Core Extreme Collector’s Edition Altimeter and Compass Watch: A Neophyte But Promising Watch

If you wanted to know the Suunto’s new and brave design compass and altimeter watch then you may take a look at Suunto Core Extreme Collector's Edition Altimeter and Compass Watch. It carries with it Suunto’s innovation with a touch of its modern technology. Encased in a mineral crystal glass, this has a menu based interface and dot matrix display that even a young kid can interpret the information that the watch would want to convey. It has a backlight type electro-luminescent display with backlight option for night use.

You can always assess how well you are doing in your ascent and descent with its altimeter function. It has an altitude log memory and altitude difference measurement; two of the most important factors you would need to measure the progress of your ascent and descent. This is very important especially for mountaineers who values each of their climb and has the goal to reach a certain height. It also logs your total ascent and descent with a user removable log book file where you can keep records of all your progress. Thanks to its 7 day altimeter-barometer memory. This watch has an automatic altimeter-barometer switch which you can easily set according to your preference, by which which you can permanently set with its alti-baro lock. It reads at an altitude range of -500m - 9000m/-1600ft - 29500ft and you can review your achievements with its log graph and log book function.

In addition to this, Suunto Core Extreme also has a compass that keeps you on the track wherever your feet may lead you. This has a semi automatic calibration and digital bearing. Included among its features are its barometer designed not only to forecast weather conditions but also to serve as an alarm for incoming storm as well as update you with the climate’s trend. Its sunrise/sunset times for over 400 locations worldwide to inform you until when will the sun set its light to guide you in your trek.

Despites the number of its features, Suunto did not forget to enhance its watch function as a time keeper. This is not just to aware you of the current time but it goes beyond this with its alarm function and dual time display. This watch has a real-time vertical cumulative value.

It is water resistant at t30m/100ft and has temperature compensation. Suunto Core Extreme Collector's Edition Altimeter and Compass Watch may come as amateur in the field. But its features showed that it is not inferior to its predecessors and given years to prove it, this is very promising watch has so many things to prove in the field of altimeter and compass watch.

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