Teeter Hang Ups EP – 950 Review

If you are looking to start an inversion therapy routine because you are suffering from back pain and you would rather invest a huge amount of money on an inversion table that you can use for a very long time than to pay for expensive medications, frequent hospital visits, or surgery, then you should consider one of the best inversion tables in the market, the Teeter Hang Ups EP – 950.

This table is the most advanced and the latest in Teeter’s EP – Inversion Series so it will surely come with new upgrades which will make inversion more comfortable, convenient, and highly rewarding. However, before you make a purchase, it would make sense if you are aware of pros and cons of EP – 950 so that you will be making a well – informed and fair decision based on its positives features and drawbacks. Let us take a closer look.

Teeter Hang Ups EP-950 Review

With a 4.8 out or 5 – star rating, a large number of positive inversion tables of consumers and users who were satisfied, and a reasonable price of $399, why would you not invest in a Teeter EP – 950? Is it because of the cost? If you are someone who cannot justify spending for an inversion table which is sold for over $350, then you will surely be one of those people who are making the cost of EP – 950 as its major drawback. However, if you will only look closely at its quality and great features, this drawback can be easily outweighed and you will definitely say that this table is really worth the cost.

Quality And Features of EP – 950 Inversion Table
The top – of – the – line quality and magnificent features of EP – 950 truly justifies its cost. If you will look at its injection – molded backrest with optimum decompression surface and Flex Technology and compare it to the vinyl or nylon covered back pads of more expensive inversion tables, it is really worth the price.

The backrest of EP – 950 is equipped with special features which make it highly durable and more comfortable at the same time. Its surface is smooth and low friction and the bed is flexible. It will surely beat those backrests which come in rigid construction even if they are well cushioned.

They are not flexible, they will not allow you to slide, and they will not bend to accommodate your stretches and range of motion.
In addition, its Ratchet Ankle Lock System is another feature which makes EP – 950 unique and perfect for you if you have chronic back pain because this system allows for easy – to – reach ankle adjustments where you no longer have to bend in order to adjust the ankle cushions to a comfortable and secure fit.

It also has a triple lock feature which ensures that your ankles are securely and comfortably locked in place while you are hanging upside down. This will give you the needed peace of mind during inversion because you no longer have to worry about your safety while you are in an inverted position. Best of all, EP – 950 is fully equipped with features found in all Teeter’s EP – Inversion series so it will be a truly worthwhile investment.

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