Tennis Ball Launcher for Dogs

Our pet dogs spend most of their times indoors or within our backyards. Living like this would, naturally, lead to boredom and, eventually, apathy. Giving them a toy to play with, therefore, relieves them of the boredom and gives them the needed exercise depending on the type of toy given. We may think that toys are simply additional costs in rearing our pets but for them these things are lifelines to a healthier life. And we need not spend more just to give them the satisfaction they require. Indeed, our pet dogs have simple needs that require only cheap solutions.

Toys are classified into 3 categories: active toys, distraction toys, and comfort toys. This classification is based on the type of enjoyment our pets derive from these toys.

Active toys give our pets the necessary physical exertions to keep them physically fit. The stick used in the game of “fetch” is an example of an active toy. So is a tennis ball or a rope toy. The tugging, chewing, and running in playing with these toys provide our dogs the exercise they needed.

Distraction toys are designed to keep our pets occupied for several hours. The concept is akin to giving our dogs a large piece of bone to chew on. The difference lies in making the chewable toy safer and tastier or nutritious.

Comfort toys, on the other hand, give the dog a sense of security simply by playing with it. An unwashed piece of clothing of the owner is a good example in this category.

Choosing the right toy for your dog is important to keep your pet safe. When buying a toy, make sure to check for squeakers or other small parts as these could lead to choking if ingested. The fillings for stuffed toys should be digestible to make it safer for your dog to play with.

A cheaper alternative toy for your dog is the tennis ball. While providing the needed exercise, the ball also gives you and your dog limitless hours of play and bonding. A game of throw and fetch makes for a worthwhile playtime. Fortunately, a new innovation in the game is available - the tennis ball launcher. It is based on the design of a slingshot and it is capable of launching a tennis ball as far as 50 yards. You can also use it to pick up the balls if you don’t want the slimy, icky feel of a wet ball fetched by your dog. With this device, a new dimension to the game of ball throwing is opened up to you and your pet.

You can buy one and devise ways to make playtime with your dog more exciting. Providing variety in the game and the choice of toys reduces boredom in your pet and will even make the activity something to look forward to in your schedules. A simple devise as a tennis ball launcher can provide the needed variety in your routine. To prevent your dog from ruining the tennis balls you use for your tennis games though, keep it in a separate container and place it on a high shelf to prevent your dog from reaching it when you are away.

So, if you want to enjoy your pet, keep your pet healthy with good food and proper exercise and you will have many happy years together.

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