Test Kits for Mold

The most comprehensive mold testing kits provide the only way to know for sure what kind of molds you have in your home. A test kit which you pay to send in to a laboratory provides the most conclusive answers. These laboratories have all sorts of advanced testing equipment that is heads above any home-based kit. It all starts with buying the right kind of test kit. If you do not know exactly where the mold is growing, an air sample kit can be a good choice.

Air sample mold test kits are designed to sample the air for mold spores. One kit should be used for each suspected room, as will isolate each test in order to hone in on the mold location. Always turn off all the fans and air conditioning units during this test. The air samples can then be mailed in to the laboratory for thorough testing. This can take a few weeks to complete.

If you have a location which has visible mold, or dirt which actually be mold, a surface test kit is better. These kits take a physical sample of the mold either with adhesive tape or with a swab. The mold is then cultured in the lab and defined.
Physical samples are grown into colonies within a Petri dish. In these dishes is a type of gel which the mold can grow on. They grow into visible colonies which can then be tested.

It is well known that many types of mold can cause harmful health conditions. Mold that is not irritating to one person could be very irritating to another. It is best to remove the mold as quickly as possible. For best results and to ensure the mold does not return, one should seek out a professional mold inspector for mold removal.

Mold can even affect us in the garden. When learning how to grow potatoes, for instance, you quickly learn that over watering can cause mold and rot on potato seeds.

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