The Advantages and Disadvantages of Stem Cell Breast Augmentation

The discovery of using the stem cell technology for breast augmentation created quite an excitement to experts and prospective patients alike. This is because it poses lesser risks to patients and creates more natural looking breasts.

This is just one of the advantages of the stem cell breast augmentation. This in return leaves the new breasts also feeling realistic since the fat tissue will just multiply and further enlarge the breasts. There is no fear of it getting rejected by the body as the patient’s own fat and stem cells are used unlike with breast implants. Capsular contraction or the hardening of the surrounding tissues will also not happen because it will not detect any foreign object in the breasts.

Another advantage of it is that the breast augmentation recovery using stem cell technology is not as painful and difficult. The only wounds the patient has to deal with are the small incisions made to be able to perform liposuction. Other than that, the person just only needs to be patient and wait until the stem cells work and for the fats to multiply.

It will also help women who have lost their breast or breasts because of cancer. It will be as safe way for them to have breasts again without having to cause more harm to their already stressed body.

However, it also has its disadvantages and for now it starts with the cosmetic surgery prices of it. Still a new procedure, not all countries offer it and even in the US it is still actually for review. This is why it still enjoys its expensive price in countries like Britain, Korea and Japan.

Additional drawback of this procedure is that it will not be able to help improve the position of the breasts. This means that the breast will not be lifted unlike with the breast augmentation implants where the lifting of the breasts can be made. It will also not make the breasts firmer. Although it would definitely be bigger in volume, the firmness that is attained with breasts implants will not actually be achieved through this.

The stem cell breast augmentation is still in its development stage but in time this wonderful procedure will become more available and affordable to many. And like any other surgical procedures, it also has its pros and cons so it will be up to you if you are willing to accept the disadvantages just like how affirmative the advantages are.

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