The Basics Of Picking Curtain Poles For Your Home

When designing your home it is really important to finish off areas like your windows with good blinds, drapes, or shutters. If you need curtain rods or poles there are a wide selection of options to pick from so you can be sure to find a great match for your fabric choice and room design.

Metal Curtain Poles

Used for many years, metal curtain rods come in a variety of materials and finishes to match the decor that you are looking for. From polished aluminum to antique brass or bronze you can match any curtain material with a great pole for a look that will last for years.

Wood Curtain Poles

Often used in more rustic or traditional designs, wood curtain poles can be found in two design styles either natural or stained models or painted and special finish wood poles. There are a wide selection of colors and stains so you can match your favorite leather chair in your living room.

Bay Window Curtain Poles

The shape of a bay window requires a special curtain pole if you want a beautiful finished look to your room. This is one place where a quality curtain pole will make a difference both in how your curtains hang and the visibility of the curtain pole itself as a bay window really draws peoples eyes when they walk in. Look for a subtle and tasteful finial that complements but doesn't over power the pole.

Double Curtain Poles

These double curtain poles are very popular in bright or public rooms where you want a second curtain for privacy. Normally the first curtain will be the one that people see the most and fits in with the design of the room. A double curtain pole then has a second independent pole for another curtain that may be a light shear material for a bit of privacy or could be a blackout material to keep a room dark for sleeping if the room gets a lot of early morning sun and you are a shift worker.

Lots of options in curtain poles and it makes sense to consider all the options you may need for your home. Design and function are easily obtained if you take the time to consider color plan, overall design, light and privacy concerns as well as pricing. Don't worry too much though, you can find the right curtain pole for your house and it won't have to break the budget either.

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