The Benefits of Digital Label Printing

Back in the day, the process of printing labels was complicated and extremely expensive. Traditional label printing is usually done using large mechanical flexographic printing machines. The process of this manual label printing can be tedious that is why digital label printing has been introduced. The modern-day digital printing works differently from the usual one. The process is much faster and efficient, so more and more clients are choosing this method over the conventional method.

There are many benefits digital label printing has to offer. Here are some useful benefits that every business can surely take advantage and enjoy:

  • Digital printing offers excellent quality printing. The quality of the printing provides lucidity than other standard label printing. It has the capability of producing higher contrasts to achieve a more vivacious and brilliant colors. Even the smallest fonts can be printed with clarity with the use of digital printing.
  • Digital printing delivers speed. This method of digital printing eliminates the requirement for plates and presses set-up, and this means that the production of labels is much faster. The process can be done in a matter of minutes instead of hours. This is most useful with multiple color printing jobs, as it requires running the same label a couple of times just to complete the task.
  • Digital label printing offers cheaper printing costs. Since digital printing eliminates the creation of printing plates, the actual cost of printing is much lesser.  This will certainly provide big amount of savings to every client who wanted to utilize label printing for their business.
  • Low and cheaper minimums are possible with digital printing. It is capable of producing a few label of quantities even just one label, and can accommodate 25,000 labels at a reasonable pricing. In this way, you can order only the products that you need rather than spend money on a number of custom labels that you will not be using anyway.
  • Another advantage of this digital printing is it allows the possibility of creating pressure sensitive labels. These labels are intended for security reasons because the lifted part of the label stays on the product, and prove that is has been tampered. These are also used to maintain a warranty as a whole on electrical devices. The label is placed over the joining lines and if the product is loosen, the label will peel away and the word VOID will be remained of the product.
  • Digital printing of labels is very flexible. Unlike the conventional method of printing, label printing offers great flexibility. With digital printing, you can print up to a high volume of labels, while each material contains different information.

The benefits of digital label printing are also overwhelming and these are the great reasons why most businesses choose to employ this method of printing. The use of digital labels on products will not only improve the way the items would look in its appearance. Most importantly, it can benefit the business or company in a number of ways. The utilization of this advanced technology is the perfect move especially if you want to achieve efficiency in producing excellent quality labels.

It is undeniable that digital printing is far better than the traditional method of label printing. The following benefits and advantages mentioned above will prove that this technique is truly effective, time-efficient and offers cheaper printing costs. Many manufacturers prefer to use this method around the world and you will find out in huge supermarkets that all of their products have labels of this type.

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