The Best In Organic Shampoo For Babies

If you don't know already, regular commercial brand shampoos are unhealthy for your baby, since they contain various toxic chemicals that can damage their skin, immune system and even disrupt hormones.  More healthy for baby are organic shampoos and body washes.  In this article I will discuss 3 of the best baby organic shampoos.

Less Is More

From what we can tell, less is more when it comes to skin and hair products for babies.  That means that, in general, your baby will be safer with fewer ingredients in such products.  On the other hand, using just one ingredient, like olive oil or lemon juice is not necessarily healthy for your or your baby's hair.  These one or two ingredient "home shampoos" have good qualities, but may also have certain adverse effects.  Sure, they are natural ingredients.  But they are just ingredients, and don't constitute as organic shampoo per se.

Top Choice

Our top choice is California Baby Super Sensitive Shampoo and Bodywash.  Why is this our favorite?  California Baby products are devoted to your baby's health.  This means none of their products contain sodium lauryl sulfate or DEA.  They are non-invasive and totally bio-degradable.  Specific to the shampoo/bodywash: it contains organic and sustainably grown ingredients, is safe and gentle and has a  non-irritating and non-chemical formula.  It's great  for people with allergies and those who cannot tolerate fragrance.  Adults can certainly use this shampoo too!

Earth Mama

Earth Mama Angel Baby Organic Shampoo and Body Wash is our second choice.  It also boasts of no chemicals like sodium lauryl sulfate or parabens.  It is also gentle and hypo-allergenic.  It's a pure, mild castille-based shampoo and body wash.  Though we place this second, it is more a matter of personal taste than quality which places is one behind the California Baby for us.  They are similarly priced, with California Baby being just a few dollars more.

Rainbow Research

Another great organic baby shampoo is Rainbow Research Baby Oh Baby Organic Shampoo (quite a name, eh!).  This one contains natural ingredients like herbal extracts of Calendula (Marigold), Chamomile, and Lemon Grass.  Basically, you could eat it, which is often a good sign that a hair product is gentle on the skin.

The Baby Oh Baby shampoo is a bit less expensive than the California Baby, and about a dollar cheaper than the Earth Mama.  We didn't feel it did as good a job cleaning the hair.  Plus, we like that the other two wer a combines shampoo/bodywash product.  The flipside is that shampoos that clean too well may be stripping the hair, although both Earth Mama and California Baby supposedly do not have stripping agents.

By the way, these products make fantastic gifts for new parents.  Think about giving a package, for example, with a shampoo/bodywash, lotion and or cream.  These can be really practical gifts for new parents, especially as they are overly inundated with newborn baby cloths.

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