The Big the Bold and the Mini – Mini Dress That Is

The mini dress, though short, has a long history to back it up. Technically, a mini dress is a dress whose length goes about 4 inches below the buttocks, thus its hemline goes way above the knees. With its size, it fought really big in the past for it was used as a symbol to the revolutionary stance of women regarding their empowerment, equality and freedom. Being marred by the society as being a blatant invitation for sex, women started wearing them as a sign of contradiction during the 1960’s. That is how the mini dress has cut through history to our modern era today where it is much accepted attire.

The sequin is you mini dress’ best friend. The more, the merrier. These little jewels picks up the ante with a kick. The classic gold is most attractive to the eyes.

Black is a color that you can’t go wrong with. Black dresses for women are essential and a black mini dresses with sequins present a sexy look with style elegance. This type of color and form are worn by famous celebrities at their heart’s content just like any other fabulous dress they are about to wear. Being a neutral color, it goes well with most other accessories; fitted with heels may be one of the best looks you can project.

Want the style but uneasy on the bare skin? Then wear jeans! , mini dresses can actually look good on jeans and leggings provided they are paper thin. The mini dress fit for this type of style the one with long sleeves. Modern colors are available to date but the classical gold is still queen.

Now these mini dresses are, well, short. Formal occasions and locations are not the best places to wear them which include most offices, schools or other formal events. Due to its vulnerability to display more skin than usual, make sure you thoroughly play around a bit before you buy one. Check how well the dress will react when you walk, sit or bend. Check how it moves around with other garments or bags that you are carrying. If everything else goes your way, there you have it, your historic, sexy mini dress.

With prom season around the corner, many a young lady is looking for prom dresses under 100. It isn't impossible to find such a dress, but the time to start looking is now.

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