The Comfort and Benefits of an Extra Thick Yoga Mat

For some yogis, they find more comfort and convenience using an extra thick yoga mat. This is because certain needs are fulfilled and supplied to them by this type of mat. Like an extra long yoga mat, a taller yogi has a specific reason for choosing one because the standard length mat might compromise their yoga practice. Also, yogis who prefer an eco yoga mat have their specific reasons for choosing one.

Yogis involved in the practice of yin yoga and restorative yoga are very much of use of this kind of mat. Exercises like lying on the stomach, for the overweight and prenatal yoga require much comfort so they need an extra thick mat for these purposes because they are the ones exposed more to the floor that they need more protection from it. Those who are just starting to build their joints are also more confident using an extra thick yoga mat because they these mats protect them from pain and other injuries that might be encountered doing their specific practice. The application of pressure on the joints might be tough for some so they use these kind of mat. However, using extra thick mats could also compromise the quality of your poses.

Don’t feel hard on yourself though, for in time, you will see that you have also gained much from your practice. You will notice that as you handle little by little the compression on your joints, your strength starts to build and you find it no longer necessary for an thick mat to be used. You will find that you have gained much from not just developing your strength but also confidence in your practice and in life as well.

If you try to find extra thick yoga mats, you better look for it online because there are more possibilities in there. You can also find these mats in other big box stores and yoga outlets nearest you.

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