The Definitive Guide to Airfix Soldiers

Airfix toy soldiers have a long and distinctive history with kids, parents and grandparents who have enjoyed this toy for many years. Beginning in 1929, Airfix was developed by a Hungarian business man, Nicholas Kove. Kids of all ages enjoyed playing with Airfix rubber inflatable toys and model aircrafts. In 1954, their ship-in-a-bottle kit became a popular product and, with its popularity more kits followed. By the 1960s, Airfix produced kits for motorcycles, trains, ships and spacecrafts. They also added their popular toy soldier line with which they have come to be identified. Extremely realistic, these soldiers cover a large range of historic eras of war.

Molded out of polyethylene plastic, Airfix figures are reasonably priced, realistic, and durable, and are a favorite toy amongst kids. Known for their highly realistic 1/32 scale, Airfix toy soldiers are detailed, paintable, and exceptionally collectible. These paintable figures, some of which had moveable poses, were particularly popular during the 1960s and 1970s. However, with the birth of the personal computer and the growing anti-miltary sentiments brought on by the Vietnam Conflict, a decline in popularity ensued. Airfix struggled to stay financially sound and were forced to file for bankruptcy in 1981. Soon after, General Mills purchased the company and then sold the company to Borden, Inc. in 1986. Presently, Airfix is a division of Hornby Hobbies. Some of the most popular army figures currently produced by the company are the British Paratrooper, German Infantry, U.S. Infantry, British Commandos, British 8th Army, Afrika Korps, U.S. Paratroopers, German Paratroopers, and the British Infantry sets. Also, recently the company made a nostalgic decision to reissue the soldiers of the 1970s popularity, using the same molds originally used to produce them. Each set includes 14 soldiers in a variety of poses and packaged in a cardboard box printed with the original artwork sold during the 1970.

Suitable As A Kids Toy and Also for Adult Collectors

Airfix soldiers are a great gift for kids to play with and, grown men who enjoy collecting a piece of their childhood. The K-Resin used now in production make them easier to paint and, they are guaranteed to bring pleasure to their owner. You can find Airfix figures online and at your local toy retailer. They average around $5 per box and contain roughly 14 figures. So, why not be nostalgic and buy a toy to bring back wonderful childhood memories or make new ones with your young son?

Browse Airfix Toy Soldiers on eBay

eBay is a great place to buy airfix soldiers without spending a fortune. They are one of the largest collections of toy soldiers and they are sold by outlets and also other enthusiasts (great if you are looking for a rare set). Take a look at the toy soldiers for sale below:

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