The Differences between Aluminum and Stainless Steel Water Bottles

The human body is composed of almost 70% water. This is why people must drink plenty of water everyday especially those people who are involved in sports. Water can flush out toxins from our body and can keep our body hydrated. Many individuals are carrying water bottles while they are on the move or in the office. Before you put your liquids in your water bottles, you must first check if the water bottle that you are using is safe. Water bottles that are available in the market are made up of plastic, aluminum, and stainless steel. Most people are choosing aluminum and stainless steel water bottles because plastic bottles are not durable enough and it is not safe to use. Water bottles that are made up of aluminum and stainless steel are free from BPA and they are also environmentally friendly. These two types of bottles are really not the same.

Stainless steel bottles are healthier to use compared to aluminum. They do not have lining and it is the reason why it does not impart flavors or taste of the contents. Stainless bottles are made up of very durable materials that are also safe. They are made of BPA-free, 18/8 food grade stainless steel. On the contrary, aluminum needs to have linings that are made up of epoxy resin. This material is not free from BPA and it is possible that this bad substance will combine in to the liquid that you store in this kind of water bottle. Aluminum water bottles are still not safe to utilize. When it comes to the price of these two types of water bottles, stainless steel water bottles are more cheaper that the aluminum ones. But companies that are producing water bottles are giving prices that depend on the sizes and designs of their bottles. Hot and cold beverages can stay for a longer period of time in stainless water bottles. Stainless steel bottles can be cleaned by using a dishwasher. In aluminum bottles, it is not applicable because it can damage the lining of the bottle. Stainless steel bottle are suitable for adults and children. There are now models for children available in the market.

Stainless steel bottles are made up of very durable and safe materials. This is also the reason why they have a long life span. It is now clear that stainless steel water bottles are the safest to utilize anywhere you go whether you are in school, office, traveling, and performing sports activities.

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