The Different Types of Weeping Cherry Trees

Cherry trees are truly lovely to look at due to their exquisite appearances. However, did you know that there are different varieties of cherry trees? This article will explain the different types of weeping cherry trees along with their unique characteristics.

Since there are so many types of weeping cherry trees, here are some of them:

The first type of weeping cherry tree is called the weeping Higan tree which produces pink or white flowers. In order to grow healthy, this tree fully requires sunlight and the soil to where it is sowed should be well-drained. This can be a very tall tree which can range between twenty and thirty feet in height provided that it is well-taken care of.

Another kind of weeping cherry tree is known as the Purple Leaf Sand Cherry. Just like the Higan tree, it also needs sufficient sunlight and well-drained soil to grow and mature. However, it is somehow shorter than the Higan tree since it can only grow from seven to fourteen feet. But what's amazing about this cherry tree is its stunning pink blossom.

One cherry tree that can grow taller than the Higan tree is the Pendula Plena Rosa. Once it fully matures, you will be astounded when it heightens from thirty to forty feet. Furthermore, it is also known to be flexible with regards to the kind of soil to where it is planted but exposing it to full sunlight is once again imperative. Its flashy and ambrosial characteristics are two features that can captivate the eyes of many gardeners and even other people plus its elegant pink blooms are plus factors as well.

Setting aside the tall cherry trees, there are also many weeping cherry trees that are small in height. One is the group of the Snow Fountain cherry trees. It has some varieties where each variety differs regarding the required temperature. Although it needs full sunlight, the owner must see to it that this tree should only be placed in an indoor area. Moreover, it should also be watered frequently and some bonsai fertilizers may be needed.

Another dwarf cherry tree is the Kiku-Shidare-Zakura which produces deep pink flowers and can only grow of up to four meters tall. It also needs full sunlight although a partial level may suffice depending on its condition.

The Shidare Yoshino which can grow to twenty feet in height needs full sunlight and well-drained soil to grow and mature. The Kwanzan is also very similiar. Once it is well-maintained which is by placing it in full sunlight with good drainage, it can produce pink to white blossoms where it will be very pleasing to look at.

Among the weeping cherry trees being mentioned, perhaps the one considered to be the head turner is the Autumnalis. This strong tree can grow well in full sunlight and well-cultivated soil. Additionally, it can produce white semi double flowers too.

Although there are many kinds of weeping cherry trees, every one of them require the same factors for growth which are full sunlight and soils that are well-aerated. Once you have decided on the kind of weeping cherry tree you would like, it is highly recommended that you read about the specific care and maintenance details that type to give yourself the best chance of success.

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