The Keyword Academy Review – My 1 Year Experience With The Program

When I joined The Keyword Academy last year, my sites were making around $3000 per month. At that point, last July, I was looking for a way to increase my earnings and, truth be told, also a little bit of direction.

Prior to joining TKA, I had been making websites on a part time basis – basically whenever I had time between school work and studying. Then in April of 2010 I graduated from University and with nothing to lose, I decided to try out the Internet Marketing gig full time. I was always interested in building websites and selling products online – ever since I built my first successful site when I was 18 which earned $500 per month.

Why I Hate Making Money Online

I absolutely hate anything to do with the words "Make Money Online". Too often those three words lead to scams and other get rich quick schemes presumably run by unwashed people from their mother's basement.

Is the Keyword Academy a Scam? If TKA is a scam they have a quite a way of showing it. Inside the members area there are many success stories and by looking at other members' sites, it's easy to see that successful sites are being made. One of the neat things about members in the TKA forum is they display an earnings badge next to their username. There are quite a few people earning $10,000 per month and even a few over $25,000.

So What's Inside TKA?

1 . The Step-By-Step Guide – Inside the TKA members area is the TKA 2.0 ebook. This is basically the blueprint to making websites and covers everything in great detail from picking a domain name, choosing a site topic and setting up your site properly. The ebook has recently been updated and is now more reader friendly than ever.

2. Webinars – Mark Butler, one of the owners of TKA, runs regular webinars that you can listen in Live or download at a later date. These webinars cover a variety of topics including material from the eBook, member site reviews and Question and Answer sessions.

3. A Great Way to Get High Quality Links – Quite a few TKA members have sites in the same niche as me and they have been more than happy to exchange links or accept guest posts. These are great links from very high quality sites and in the past, I would have had to wishfully send hundreds of emails to random site owners to get the same type of link. TKA has a great system which allows people to guest post on sites called PostRunner, which as a standalone service, would probably be worth around $100 per month.

4. The Latest News and Information – I like to keep on top of the latest news in the industry, whether it is the latest Google algorithm change or a new writing service that could benefit my business. With the chatter in the TKA forum, I no longer need to scour internet marketing blogs or other forums to get my fix of the latest news.

5. A Way to Survive Google Penalties – There is no way to survive search engine penalties completely, but by following the TKA site building guidelines I can be sure that I am building high quality sites in a whitehat way that will be affected by severe penalties such as deindexing ever again.

What Exactly Does TKA Teach?

You will not learn SEO from TKA nor will you learn HTML or PHP. TKA assumes that you have no knowledge of the building websites at all but will show you how to make quality sites using WordPress.

TKA gives you a blueprint for success. It cuts through all the unnecessary steps and makes the steep learning curve much smoother. Hard work is required and you will need to write quite a few articles for your sites (if you do not have the budget for outsourcing) but the time and effort you spend will be worth it in the long run. TKA helps you organise your work with their 180 day timeline so that you stay focused and disciplined.

Final Thoughts

When I joined TKA last year I had a few websites. Now, one year later, I have an online business. What is the difference between the two? Well, I now look at my websites as a collective portfolio of quality websites that will stand the test of time. Instead of creating sites that just target keywords for search traffic, I now create sites that will benefit people looking for the information and always try to go above their expectations. By using this shift in mindset, I can concentrate fully on creating quality content that will encourage natural links rather than dividing my time creating sub-par content and low quality links which more often than not will lead to a ranking penalty.

I also try to use other business principles for improving my portfolio of sites including making acquisitions and keeping a close eye on analytics to work out what works and what doesn’t so that I can achieve faster growth.

The method to make successful sites is constantly changing but with The Keyword Academy I am in good company and can be confident that, no matter the change, I will always be on the right side of paradigm shifts while having tremendously smart and experienced people to help me when needed.

If you are looking for a step-by-step guide on how to make a full time income online, I would recommend The Keyword Academy to help you achieve your goals.

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