The London Olympics are in 2012

The entire world is starting to get excited for London 2012. The London Olympics will host elite athletes from all over the globe. The top athletes in their fields will compete to see who takes home the gold, silver and bronze medals. These Olympics promise to be some of the biggest and best yet.

The London 2012 games are the summer Olympics. The summer games host sports like track and field and diving that are not seen in the winter games. The most recent winter games were the ones that were held in Vancouver Canada in 2010. These events were for more winter type sports. From ice skating to skiing to ski jumping, the winter games in Vancouver had them all.

Security is expected to be extremely tight for the festivities in London. Protestors turn up at all of these types of gatherings and the games in 2012 are not expected to be any different. Not only do the security experts have to concern themselves with protestors but they also need to remain vigilant towards the possible threat of terrorism. The top security experts in their fields will be present to keep all of the participants safe.

When the athletes are not busy competing chances are that they will be shopping for souvenirs. Usually one of the most popular items to collect is the lapel pins. People from around the world collect them and then many of them trade or sell them also. There are entire organizations that are completely dedicated to collecting Olympic pins. The more rare the pin is the more expensive it is and the more coveted it is by collectors.

Londoners are going to be ready for a well deserved break after the games are over. In 2011 they will host the royal wedding in April and then in 2012 they will host the London Olympics.

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