The Luxury of Frameless Shower Doors

Interior decorators of today are recommending frameless shower doors to add style and elegance to any bathroom. Though it separates the shower area adequately from the toilet and sink, the clear and transparent glass is able to showcase the shower area, making the whole room much brighter and more spacious.  Hotels and resorts are getting into the trend, as these glass doors are able to give a luxurious feel to their bathrooms.

Unlike a shower curtain, a shower door sufficiently divides the bathroom space, and prevents the water from spilling out and producing a mess. The problem with shower curtains is the fact that they are flimsy and droopy and don’t adequately keep the water in. Shower doors, on the other hand, are great at preventing a watery mess.

But what makes frameless shower doors different from those with frames? Well, these frameless doors are composed of thick, usually tempered, pieces of glass and have no frame or border. This gives the appearance of the door simply floating in air. To support the glass and keep it upright, heavy-duty hinges are located at the top, bottom or sides of the door. With framed shower doors, metal frames are usually used to hold up the door. The problem with this is that water tends to enter the space between the frame and the door, and it can be difficult to remove. When it is left alone, there are greater chances of bacteria growing.

With frameless shower doors, you don’t have to worry about that problem. You are also able to see better inside the shower area and it really makes taking a shower a lot more fun. You can even add designs and color to the glass doors to match with your bathroom’s motif for an even more luxurious look.

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