The Standard and Pro Model Ulti-Mate Garage Cabinets

There is no best type of garage storage that suits everybody. People have different needs and standards when it comes to garage storage, thus the best type of garage storage for every person differs. Usually people spend so much time trying to decide which type of storage solution to buy. More often than not, when too much time is spent on contemplating on what to buy, the person ends up not buying anymore. Whatever you choose, be it garage organizers, garage cabinets or garage shelving, you will surely achieve an organized and safer garage.

If you decide to go on with your garage plans, there are a lot of companies specializing in these products. Ulti- Mate Garage Cabinets is one of those products. The Ulti-Mate Garage Cabinets come in two types; the standard and the pro models. Take a look at their differences.

Finish: the two types differ in finish, with the pro coming with metallic silver polyurethane on the doors and fronts with a grey texture PVC laminate while the standard cabinets come with graphite polyurethane fronts and doors with black texture.

Drawer Slides: the drawers of pro cabinets open all the way making it easy for you to reach all the way to the back of the drawer. The standard cabinets open until ¾ only. The two cabinets have the same 100 pound rating.

Drawer Handles: Pro cabinets have longer handles at 18 mm chrome satin metal handles while the standard cabinets have only 9mm brushed chrome metal handles.

Cabinet Feet: the feet of the cabinets to be used in the garage are important to consider because garage floors are uneven. The feet of standard cabinets measure 4 inch brushed aluminum while the feet of the Pro cabinets measure six inch aluminum.

Shelves: Shelves of both cabinet types are adjustable, one feature that most consumers love. Pro cabinets have thicker shelves than standard cabinets; the first is one inch thick while the latter is ¼ inch shorter.

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