The Symptoms of Impacted Teeth

Your Walnut Creek dental office will take yearly x-rays of your teeth to check for cavities but they often take the x-rays to also check for other issues. If you are at the age when your wisdom teeth are expected to break through the surface of the gum tissue the dentist will take x-rays to check on their growth and to determine if they need to be extracted from the mouth or if there will be enough room for them. If a tooth fails to break through the gum tissues it may be known as impacted teeth.

While most people don’t experience pain or any abnormal symptoms from impacted teeth there are a lot of people that will have several problems. If the tooth is unable to break through the gum line it may lead to infection of the gums, pain in the jaw, and swelling. If you do not seek treatment for the infection that occurs it will lead to more serious problems as the infection spreads to the neck and even into the throat.

Here are the most common symptoms of impacted teeth so you know what to watch for:

  • Swelling in the back of the mouth
  • Red gums that are painful to touch in the back of the mouth
  • Pain or difficulty when you try to open your mouth
  • A foul odor and taste in the back of the mouth
  • Pain when you are eating

You will need to visit an oral surgeon to have the impacted teeth properly removed from your mouth. A Walnut Creek cosmetic dentist may provide you with the same procedure for a lower cost. It is important to have the teeth extracted from the mouth before they lead to more serious problems. Follow the instructions of the oral surgeon after having the teeth removed in order to prevent dry socket and other problems that arise.

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