The William And Kate Wedding: Another Real Life Fairy Tale

Already, world-renowned designers are splashing their ideas of what Kate’s wedding dress should look like.  Flouncing silk and taffeta with a mile long mystical sparkling veil, is the one mostly displayed on the internet at the moment and the William and Kate Wedding arrangements are under way.  What will it be like for her, certainly not the quiet but exciting mother and daughter beginning stage of the planning that would take place in a ‘commoners’ home at the announcement of the engagement, but rather an expose of a fantasy Disney fairy tale involving not just family and friends, but the whole world;  a wedding extravaganza!   Then the ‘run but you can’t hide’ dilemma with the media.  Having been in the spotlight since the onset of their relationship, by now you would think they would be accustomed to it, but to be the center of attraction around the world might be a little overwhelming for Kate as it was for her Prince’s late mother Princess Diana.

Having said all that, everyone knows it will be a fantastic wedding at Westminster Abbey; the Cathedral of all Fairy Tale marriages for centuries and the only thing that changes are the people and the fashions, but the traditions live on and will for the William and Kate Wedding.  The great bells will ring out, the choir will sing and Kate will have and hold her prince charming.  Every little girls dream is to become a Princess, she might find the reality quite different from the dream, however, the world wishes them well. Not only are preparations under way for the couple and their families, but every store is stocking up on William and Kate wedding collectibles and every hotel in London is getting ready for that big day in April, 2011.  You’d better not wait too long before booking that room,  they will be gone in a flash, could be as far out of London as a half hour drive or more and then the traffic will be horrendous.  Another big day in the history of England, another Royal Wedding, and no doubt young Harry will be next.

Diana’s great tribute with the giving of herself is paying off, her sons do her justice and it appears with the William and Kate Wedding, as a couple, they will also contribute to what Diana started. Remember Diana was also a young, nervous, beautiful bride who married a Royal, and changed much of the world.

Written by Chloe from Make Your Own Wedding Invitations - something this happy couple will not be in need of!

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