The Wonders of Kinect Exercise

If someone told you that a gadget manufactured for the sole purpose of playing games would help you lose unwanted pounds, would you believe them or would you laugh at them instead? The truth is, they’re not insane. Most people don’t know that Kinect, a device initially made for Xbox, has been helping lots of people in their quest to lose their extra weight. The said gadget has been incorporated to create the latest trend in the exercising world, the Kinect exercise.


Sweeping through the world with over 2.5 million sold as of November 29, 2010, Kinect, formerly called Project Natal, is developed by Microsoft as a device for the Xbox 360 console. Its design was based primarily on a webcam-style peripheral accessory for Xbox 360 console which gives the users the capability to interact with the Xbox 360 without having to touch a game controller. This is done through a natural user interface with the use of gestures and verbal instructions.

How it works

The Kinect requires more or less 190 MB of available storage space. With software that allows users to control the Xbox 360 Dashboard console user interface by utilizing spoken commands and hand gestures, it also boasts the ability to recognize voice and facial features. Also among the many features of the Kinect is Video Kinect which allows its user to voice chat or video chat with other Xbox 360 enthusiasts through the use of Windows Live Messenger. Kinect can also keep Xbox 360 players in a frame as they move around with its tracking functionality and motorized pivot sensor.

How Kinect can be incorporated into losing weight

Although getting in shape might prove to be difficult for most of us, Kinect has found a way to turn your regular exercising regimen into a game. Enter Kinect Fitness games, any Xbox 360 aficionado’s savior to a bulging belly fat. The top Kinect exercise games include Kinect Sports, followed by Your Shape and Fitness Evolved. Some people also have an affinity for Dance Central, a dance game in a form of exercise.

Kinect’s ability to provide handy, real time feedback on your progress in doing the various exercise games gives you the chance to see if you need to change your posture and gait. Aside from being able to work out without having to sweat in front of people, it also has better graphics compared to the Wii. Now, instead of having to go to the gym, having Kinect in your home is like having your own personal trainer. You can correct wrong exercising moves and perform your exercise in the most effective way possible. Another good thing about using Kinect is the fact that you don’t need controllers. Fighting with the wires, having to move your arms in a way that the wires won’t loop into your eyes and having to control your movements are now a thing of the past.

Kinect exercise is fast becoming a trend in many exercising buffs' homes. With all the valuable features Kinect is able to provide, no one is surprised.

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