Themes for Canopy Curtains in Your Bedroom

Many things in the bedroom including the bed, the mattresses, the side stands, and the closets remain more or less the same for a long time. Unlike in a living room, most people don’t prefer to stack a lot of furniture inside the bedroom either. A big advantage of canopy curtains is that along with the cushions and bed sheets, you could create a beautiful ambience inside your bedroom that can be changed from time to time depending on your preference.

For example, if it is summer, you can create the light, airy touch with blue, transparent curtains complementing light colored bed covers and pillowcases too. On the other hand, winter is a time when you want warmth and coziness. You could try out dark and rich colors like maroon, chocolate brown, bottle green or purple. You can find several options at

If it is the kids’ room, you can play around with colors. Kids love their cartoons and when their bedrooms have a Disney theme with beautiful characters sketched on the walls, you can use bright colored curtains with cartoons or butterflies on them as canopies for the consistency. If spring is around, you can bring the breath of fresh air into the bedroom with the canopies with bright colors like the yellow of a sunflower, orange, light hints of lilac like an orchid or the pink of a beautiful rose. The canopies lend a charm to the sleeping area, so much so that once you get used to them, you could hardly sleep without them.

You can also add canopies with an exotic touch to make your bed look like a luxury haven. Curtains with beads or painted and embroidered fabrics can add an ethnic touch to the bedroom especially if you have chosen earth colors for your bedroom and have hardwood furniture all around.

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