Things to Think About When Purchasing a Garage Refrigerator

Whether you’re in the garage working on your hotrod, or just hanging out with friends a garage   refrigerator makes life a little bit easier. The handy access to a cold frosty beer, or a ready to eat snack is something many people with a garage refrigerator love.

You may even be able to save a lot of money on food. If you love shopping for deals then a garage refrigerator comes in handy for bulk purchases of meat and frozen goods.  If your favorite brand of beer goes on sale, a garage refrigerator can store over four cases of beer.

Due to temperature fluctuations that often occur in garages as seasons change, many people are reluctant to put a refrigerator in the garage. In the heat of the summer the temperature of the garage can put a heavy strain on the fridge and greatly decrease a garage refrigerator’s life span. You will likely need to adjust the thermostat of a garage refrigerator when a new season comes.

What will my garage refrigerator cost me?

A new fridge will probably cost ten times as much as a used one. A new fridge can be priced at $1,000-$3,000.  You could save thousands on buying a used fridge for as little as $100. You only save $5-$10 dollars when you unplug the old Borg Warner during the extreme heat of a Phoenix summer. The additional electric cost is a small price to pay for the convenience one receives. You do the math, the electric costs saved by energy efficient fridges is a relatively minimal amount.  However, perhaps purchasing a new fridge is a good idea to avoid the disaster of a fridge full of spoiled food.

Most people do not put new refrigerators in their garage though.  There are several less expensive options when purchasing a garage refrigerator.  You could browse the classifieds for people who collect old fridges and are selling old fridges.  You could rent a truck (if you don’t have one) and save even more by picking up an unwanted fridge that works. You’d be surprised at what people will give away for free.

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