Things You Need For Making a Butterfly Bed Canopy

Bad canopies are so useful and decorative at the same time. What’s good about them is that they add a certain pizzazz and character not only to the beds they adorn but to rooms as a whole as well. A butterfly bed canopy is something else together. Suffice to say, all girls, at one point or another, have yearned after a bed canopy – a pastel-colored one at that, and adorned with butterflies. After all, canopies are very popular adornments for little girls’ rooms. Not only is making this easy, it is very affordable and inexpensive as well. You can make one out of everyday materials and yes, even junk things that you don’t use anymore.

You’ll need a newspaper. It’s going to be the base for the butterfly template that you need to draw and cut out. The ideal butterfly template size would be 40 inches out of 40 inches. You’re also going to need a permanent marker to draw the butterfly out. You would need around 4 yards of heavy-gauged wire. You don’t always have to purchase this, mind you. You can always use sturdy old wire hangers. You’ll need a wire cutter and needle-nose pliers to help mold the shape of the wire.

If you’ve already got all of the frame materials down pat, you just need to work on the materials that make the butterfly bed canopy look good. The basics you’re technically going to need are scissors, tacky glue, binder clips, yards of tulle, yards of ribbons, a needle and a thread, a ¾ inch eye screw, some clear acrylic string and yes, you can add those butterfly and flower appliques of your choice.

You can also add other accessories of your choice. Just remember that anything goes since it’s your butterfly bed canopy and thus, your design.

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