Three Common Questions People Ask About Renting Searchlights

A lot of people know that promoting an event that happens at night has unique challenges. There are very few really good, cost effective methods for promoting an event at night. Simply, to varying degrees, just about every promotional method requires light so the potential customer can see it. Searchlight rentals are by far the best type of night time event promotion. But, there seems to be a bit of confusion on exactly how searchlights can help promote a night time event. In this article I will answer some of the most common questions asked about using promotional searchlights.

How does a searchlight attract customers?

There are a few ways that promotional searchlights attract attention to your event. First, they produce a powerful beam of light that can be seen for miles around. Depending on the unit the point of sight can be from 3 to as far as 25 miles. One thing to watch out for are lights marketed as promotional light but are actually repackaged theatrical lights. Beams produced by these types of lights can only be seen from 1 to 1.5 miles away. The most critical radius around your event is 3 miles. So those lights are woefully inadequate.

Secondly, almost all promotional lights are designed to spin. The combination of the powerful light beam and the beam moving creates a very eye catching affect.

What can be done with an advertising searchlight on premise?

Advertising searchlights can easily be configured synchronize with other lights to create light patterns. They can be configured to create colored light beams. They can also be used to create building-scapes where special buildings, or building features, or even large advertisements are highlight.

Are searchlight rentals affordable?

Absolutely! Relatively speaking they are the most affordable type of event promotion available for nighttime event promotion. I speak to clients all the time who have spent tens of thousands of dollars on radio and television advertisement but have had little or no return. Promotional searchlights can cost anywhere from $300.00 dollars a night to several thousand dollars; depending on the type and number of lights used. They create an ambiance that alternative promotion cannot create and leave a positive lasting effect in the mind of your customers. Now that is priceless.

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