Thruxton Track Days: A Life Changing Experience

Drive the Track at Thruxton to Hone your Driving Skills

Public highways are not the best venue to truly enjoy the driving experience, what with speed cameras dotting the landscape. However, by taking part in Thruxton track day events, you can focus on really embracing the driving experience. Thruxton track days, or sessions that can assist in improving your driving skills on the track are offered throughout the year in the months of February, April, June, and August. Open pit sessions in the morning or afternoon last approximately 3 ½ hours each. Drivers must be accompanied by instructors and wear helmets during the entire time when they are driving.

An Unforgettable Driving Experience on theThruxtonTrack

Not only are Thruxton track days exciting, driving experiences are also offered on the Thruxton racetrack. Indeed, the experiences make driving an unparalleled event as you can pick from one of a number of cars in which to test and develop your driving ability. For example, you can elect to drive such model cars as the Ashton-Martin, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Audis, Porsche, or Mazda to name a few. Pick from full throttle driving events or thrill driving – either way, you will, as mentioned, have an unforgettable driving experience.

Driving the Ferrari 355 – A Thrilling Hour on the Track

For example, take a spin in the Ferrari 355 after you participate in Thruxton Track Days. This performance car meets its match with Thruxton’s a super-fast circuit. The Ferrari is built for streamlined handling. Once you get in the car and onto the Thruxton track, you will instantaneously become impressed. You begin the experience by getting briefed for approximately one-half hour, after which time you head out to the track. There, you will drive the circuit for three laps as a passenger in a Mazda 3 MPS while your instructor sits behind the wheel. After that point, you will be able to finally experience driving the Ferrari for an amazing three laps on the track. The whole experience will take about an hour’s driving time.

Drive a Lamborghini –Part of a Three-hour Heart-pounding Ride

Another supercar experience at Thruxton, you won’t want to miss is driving the fabulous Lamborghini LP670 SV. You will be introduced to the track in a Mazda 3 MPS before you drive a total of four laps with a Porsche Cayman 2.7. Thereafter, you’ll experience the thrill of driving in the Lamborghini LP670 SV four laps on the circuit before graduating to a Renault Singer Seater for five laps. This driving experience concludes after approximately three hours.

Suggested Clothing and Height Requirements

If you choose to participate in Thruxton Track Days or any driving event, then you will have to carry a valid UK driver’s license with you, which also must be shown to Thruxton personnel. Wear the proper attire - long pants or trousers and a shirt or top that has long sleeves. Narrow racing shoes with thin soles are the suggested footwear as the pedals on racing cars are located in very close proximity to each other. Participants must meet certain height requirements too, or must be at least 5’2” to drive in a sports or racing car and be no taller than 6’4” in height.

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