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The general welfare of pet dogs is normally attributed to a healthy home environment, proper care and right nutrition. Once these needs are met, the owner is assured of a happy, well-adjusted pet capable of providing companionship and comfort that the owner may require. On the issue of right nutrition, there are many brands existing today that offer formulations that are appropriate for your dog. However, knowing the brand that is true to its offer is the difficult part. This article is a review of Timberwolf Dog Food which is manufactured by Timberwolf Organics, Inc. of Windermere, Florida.

Timberwolf’s main thrust for its dog food formulation is to imitate the diet of dogs in the wild. This thrust makes the company one of only a few dog food manufacturers who integrates herbs into its formulation. This is founded on the principle that feral dogs eat smaller prey whose main diet consist of grass and herbs. Its dry dog food is also prepared with lesser ash and higher protein content. While other companies may include only up to 50% of protein content in its formulation, Timberwolf makes sure that the protein content of its products reaches as high as 70%. Additionally, the company avoids adding corn meal gluten, soy, and artificial sugar in its products. This ensures that only the right kind of nutrients is ingested by your pets to help avoid allergies or food borne diseases.

There are currently 8 formulations available that are specifically adjusted for different pet needs. For example, the Timberwolf Black Forest Canid Formula is intended for dogs that need to lose weight. The Timberwolf Dakota Bison Canid Formula, on the other hand, is formulated for dogs with allergies to some proteins. The Timberwolf Ocean Blue Canid Formula is salmon based and does not contain other kinds of meat.

Customer feedback on dog food preference indicates that buyers switched to Timberwolf because of the high quality ingredients. Other consumers noticed a marked difference in their pets’ fur and digestion upon switching to Timberwolf.

On the downside, some customers complain of allergies and digestive problems for their pets who consumed Timberwolf products. Others also criticize the poor customer service of the company especially on unanswered queries about the product’s ill effects on their dogs.

Despite the shortcomings, Timberwolf dog food products have been proven to provide quality nutrition to more satisfied customers and pets. The high protein content of its formulation is meant to provide the right amount of nutrition that your pet needs. Its variety is also intended to give you a number of choices to match your pet’s preference as well as to provide variations in your pet’s diet. For the more discriminating owners, meat free and poultry or beef free variations are also available.

Providing for your dog’s needs is the hallmark of a responsible and loving owner. If given the proper nutrition and tender care, dog owners will continue to enjoy the company of their pets even to old age. A healthy pet is also a reflection of the owner’s personality and its immediate environment, therefore, it is important to give them only the best in nutrition and care.

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