Tips on Choosing the Best Fondue Pot

Avoid the Expense of Eating Fondue at a Restaurant – Buy your Own Fondue Pot

If you love fondue, then you know delicacies eaten with melted chocolate or cheese can be rather expensive if you choose to enjoy fondue at a favorite restaurant. Selecting the best fondue pot for use at home then is not only a good investment, it makes eating fondue just that much more enjoyable. By paying out a minimal amount of money for a fondue pot, you can invite friends and family to savor fondue with you and regularly eat fondue with your family.

Read Customer Reviews

So, what should you look for in features when picking the best fondue pot for use at home? That answer may seem open to debate, especially when you behold the numerous fondue pots for sale over the Internet. However, by reading customer reviews and scrutinizing the various brands, you will get a good idea as to the best fondue pot to choose for your particular household.

Choose a Fondue Pot made with a Non-stick Interior

You may want to choose one of the fondue pots made of chrome, which can be seamlessly incorporated into most modern kitchens. A fondue pot, which is a little over 2 ½ quarts is usually a good size to choose. This size container is adequately large enough for warming broth as well as melting cheese and chocolate. Make sure you look for a fondue pot that has an interior that is made of non-stick material to make clean-up simple.

Look for a Fondue Maker with Easy-to-Read Temperature Controls

Temperature controls should be adjustable, easy-to-read, and simple to use as well. Also, keep safety in mind when shopping for a fondue maker. Look for fondue pots that come with breakaway cords to keep the hot contents from spilling should you mistakenly pull on the cord. A nice added feature to consider, if you host fondue parties, are colored fondue forks – each one a different tints so everyone has his own individual fork when dipping fruit or bread into the fondue.

Look at the Placement of the Handles

Make sure that the fondue pot you buy too can heat up in a minimum amount of time and that it evenly distributes the heat throughout the pot. While chrome pots, as mentioned, are nice accompaniments to many decors, stainless steel pots are good choices as well and are undeniably durable. Also, look for a fondue pot with conveniently placed handles, or handles that will remain cool so you can easily move the appliance if needed.

Fully Examine your Options

Again, when choosing an electric appliance, such as a fondue pot, you can find many affordable varieties online. Use the above information for making a decision and also read the consumer reviews, such as those provided on to get a good idea of the desirability of the fondue maker you are considering. Well-known fondue brands include Trudeau, West Bend, Swissmar, Oster, and Cuisinart, just to name a few. You usually can buy a quality fondue pot for around $50. Therefore, it pays to fully examine your options.

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